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Top 5 Photo Enhancing Mobile Apps

Top 5 Photo Enhancing Mobile Apps

If you have the most advanced smartphone, you need to pair that with the most powerful photo editing app. Of course, every smartphone comes with an app for cropping and enhancing photos, but that’s only one of the things you can do. For example, some solutions can process RAW images, remove unwanted elements from the background of an photo, or use AI-powered filters to change their appearance There are several different settings for white balance, layering, etc. There’s even more joy to be had.

We’ve tested all the apps on this list to make sure they deserve a sign of approval. Read below to learn more about the best photo editing app recommendations.


Pixlr is a neat app that makes it easy for casual photographers to add special effects to their photos. The intuitive interface is easy to master, so you can go right into playing with your pictures.

Pixlr’s photo tools are easy to use. Among other things, you can edit pictures of pets, make cartoons, and apply special effects or borders. You can design stickers, add frames and stickers, and make photographs into collages using pre-designed layouts or simply paste photos in a place where they fit.

Pixlr provides editing software that is simple to use, and catered toward both advanced and beginners

The editing tool allows different effects to be applied to pictures. The graphic design tool allows designers to create and apply different effects to images.

All the features of this software allow you to do so

Create unique designs by combining pictures with templates.

Pixlr is a free program which opens most commonly used formats

(Android, iOS)


PicsArt is our favorite picture editing software since it’s simple to use and covers almost all of the bases for consumer mobile photography. It gives you a lot of creative power, fantastic image editing capabilities, and a lot of cool filters. You may also choose or make interesting stickers, mix your photos into fully customisable collages, add artistic text, and publish them quickly. Pre-capture effects and photo capabilities are included in the full-featured camera module.

Remix Chat allows you to share and collaborate on photos with PicsArt’s 150 million monthly users, or just your pals. The program’s lessons are simple to follow, and challenges encourage users to submit their work based on a specific sort of edit or a theme; winners are announced in the app.

Ads for PicsArt premium, on the other hand, appear regularly (and annoyantly) in the middle of editing sessions. To disable them and gain access to the video editor, as well as other tools, filters, and material, you must purchase a premium subscription for $11.99 per month or $55.99 per year. (Students get a discount as well.)

PicsArt is a large and easy-to-use collection of photo-editing and collage-making tools for amateur photographers. It also gives you a lot of creative freedom while keeping things dynamic and exciting.

(Android, iOS)

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is as a cloud-based workflow system, the entire photo library is backed up in the cloud. You can instantly access the original (high-resolution) files across all of your devices (mobile, laptop and desktop). So you have immediate access to edit, convert and organize your files without even thinking about it. The cloud-based workflow is a powerful, easy way to work with and organize your whole photo collection. However, in case you’re interested in getting a top-notch photo app on your phone then Lightroom is one of the best.

An amazing new feature of Lightroom, is the learning platform. It’s a huge library of interactive tutorials that will teach you to modify your photos like a pro. But this learning platform is really good because it helps you become a better photographer. With ever-increasing learning resources, you can see how other photographers and artists created their best images. The learning resources are non-destructive. You can always return to your original image and modify further.

In addition to helping you to share your images with others on social media and sharing content, Lightroom’s Discover area even allows you to see how other photographers and artists have done it.

(Android, iOS)

Google Photos

Another best photo app you can use is called Google Photos. If you’ve ever lost every single file you take or stored on your phone, you’ll understand why. The app only has minor editing functions. But the primary purpose of the app is to organize your image library and backup your entire photo history to the cloud. As the content of your photo library becomes more diverse with smartphone updates, Google Photos automatically syncs your library to all your devices where the app is installed. That includes tablets, laptops, Mac computers, phones, and desktops, alongside Windows computers.

Google’s photo editing features are designed to allow the user very little input at all. They are quick and they are simple. With an “Auto” setting, the slider only allows control of Color, Light Amount, and Contrast. Google photos has its fun side, too—like generating animated GIFs from images you took once in a while.

Google Photos is our top choice for storing photos. However, Google Photos is still free. People complain that the free plan has a 15GB storage limit but the truth is that the photo limits to which people complain are actually hidden in Google Drive. This is the fact

That’s really the best way to get started, download and install Google Photos quickly and easily.

(Android, iOS)

Facetune 2

Facetune 2 is the best photo editing app. It goes beyond skin smoothing and toning and teeth whitening; for instance, its makeup tools include contours that are subtle in color and shadows and highlights. Its simple controls allow your portrait to be increased or decreased in intensity. Before you take your pictures, you can preview the results in the camera.

Unfortunately, in the free version, users can’t use the tools including changing the background, sky or eye color, removing blemishes, or using the touch-up tools to remove blemishes.

The free version of the app is one of the most impressive and powerful free apps out there, and I love it. Try it if you can on your iPhone to enhance your selfies or any photo.

The premium version costs either $1.99 per month, $35.99 per year, or $69.95 for a one-time payment, which is quite expensive. However, the free version is still a powerful tool. Download it to get better photos and selfies.

(Android, iOS)

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