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Best Apps to Get Yourself Cartoonize — 2022

Best Apps to Get Yourself Cartoonize — 2022

Do you ever wonder how you would have made your photos on your smartphone look like they were sketches? Or maybe the idea of turning your photos into cartoons or classic paintings has crossed your mind?

In any case, we have you converted with this list where we have selected all the best apps for Android and iOS, including the 3D Max Max, that will help you draw your own images with several different filters and effects.

Experiment with creating different photos to post to your social media platforms, such as Instagram, so get more followers!

Photo Lab Picture Editor

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Photo Lab is another of the best photo editing apps for you, and here you will also find features that let you turn your photos into cartoon images. Contribute also offers its users access to over 900 unique special effects, filters, stickers, and a lot more. Use these 2 tools to create the best and most attractive images to post on your social media pages. It’s free to use, but comes with more than a dozen built-in features and tools.
The new version is available for the first time exclusively through the Play Store.

Camart – Cartoon Photo

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Whether you’re creating your own cartoon or sepia-toned images, camart has the filters for you.
The product lets you create stunning photos using many different artistic and cartoon effects, such as oil paintings, pencil drawings, watercolor, manga, comics and more. But it also offers you some of the best editing tools and picture retouching features, it lets you apply effects in real-time via your frontal and back camera, and more.

But camart also lets you directly share all your creations with your favorite social media platforms and to email.
The free download is available for download on the official site: www.camart.com.


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Now, you can use the same technology to make your photos look like works of art by Vincent Van Gogh or Pablo Picasso.
Panther’s unique software offers you over 1500 professionally designed filters, including classical, cartoon, oil paintings and even comic books. The Contribute tool is a really complete app that lets you fine-tune its settings so you can achieve the result you want, but unfortunately, its main features are locked behind a weekly, monthly, or yearly subscription. Simply download the client from the iTunes store or from Google Play.

Sketch Me!

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Sketch Me! is a inspired from the 1974 cartoon sketch by Claude Reeves.
Instead of making your photos look like cartoon characters, what it does is to turn them into pencil-drawn sketches. While the original was initially hailed as a “revolutionary” application, it has since clocked in over 10 million downloads and reached the number one spot on the App Store in several countries. Transform your favorite pictures into some eye-popping looking caricatures.
App lets you share directly with your favourite social media platform, making it easy to use by anyone. Only in beta will the game be available on certain Apple devices.

Prisma Photo Editor

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Prisma is by far one of the best and most well-known options among the best photo editing apps for Android and iPhone, and it also offers some great features to turn them into cartoon-style images.
The app has hundreds of filters, styles, and other tools – many of which are free.

Prisma is one of the most well-rated iOS games currently available, with over 4.5 stars on both the Play Store and the Amazon App Store. Download the latest version of the Prisma game for free on Android and iOS devices.

Cartoon Yourself

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Even though it doesn’t let you record videos or take photos, it is still a great option if you want to turn a photo into a cartoon.
Tap on the photo you want to apply the effect to, and you’re on your way to browsing through the app’s rich collection of stickers and cartoon effects. Basic photo editing tools, such as cropping, mirror, or rotate pictures, are also available.


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If you’re an iPhone user, you’ll love recording videos and turning pictures into cartoon-style caricatures by tilting the screen, stipple ping, and even pencil effects.
With the new H3 slider, you can now preview of all the effects you select, so you can see how your photos and videos are going to look like even before you take them. Thanks to the flexibility of each effect, you can fine-tune your pictures and achieve the maximum effect. Boomerang lets you have cartoon images stored on the camera roll and can also be shared on all popular social networks.

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