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Download GCam Apk for Android 11 12 13

Download GCam Apk for Android 11 12 13
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Screenshots Gcam Nikita

Have you ever heard of Gcam Nikita 2.0? or Gcam Apk and gcam lmc 8.4 r18? If you are someone is tech-savvy and familiar to the world of smartphone photography, then the term Google Camera Nikita might already be familiar to you.

Gcam Mod APK is one of the most sought-after applications by photography enthusiasts. The digital world has indeed progressed rapidly, as evidenced by the numerous new innovations that have emerged.

In the world of photography, the camera plays an important role in creating the best images. Good photo results are not only seen from the perspective but also from the quality of the image. Therefore, we recommend to you to download gcam apk now.

Before downloading gcam apk, first, it’s better for you got the clue, what’s meant Gcam Apk Nikita 2.0, gcam apk bsg 8.1, and gcam apk lmc 8.4 r18?.

Gcam Apk
The Latest Version Of Gcam Nikita 2.0 From Gcam Apk

Introduction to Gcam APK Nikita 2.0

Initially, Google Camera or Gcam APK was the official application from Google for smartphones called Google Pixel. Over time, many developers felt that the features and technology of Gcam could be applied to various other Android phone brands.

Therefore, developers began to try to develop it. One of the developers who developed and modified the application is Gcam Nikita 2.0.

Gcam Nikita 2.0 is the latest version application from the developer Nikita or what we know as Gcam APK. This application can be used on all types of phones such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Realme, Oppo, to Vivo.

Gcam apk is to capture user moments into a photo. The difference is that the images we take through this application can reach HDR+ quality. Additionally, there is a premium feature Night Sight alias gcam lmc 8.4 r18 night mode camera that gonna make your photos look like professional works.

Stand Out Features of Gcam APK Nikita 2.0

Photography enthusiasts usually enjoy collecting third-party camera applications that produce better image quality than the built-in camera. Well, that’s why Gcam port APK is one of the camera applications favored by many people. Here are the features found in this apk.

Night Sight

Gcam Apk is unquestionable because the image results from the Gcam Nikita 2.0 application can display images with high quality.

With the night mode available in gcam bsg 8.1, gcam lmc 8.4 r18, photo quality will appear bright. This feature can capture more light then combines to produce good quality of images.


The HDR+ feature in Gcam port APK allows you to produce sharper photos than cameras without HDR+ features. With this feature, the image quality obtained gonna also be much better and suitable for backlight conditions or areas not exposed to light.

Portrait Mode

Download gcam apk if you would like to experience using a professional camera because in this portrait mode, it can create photos with a background blur as if using a professional camera feature.

Although the Gcam port APK feature is a processing software, the results gonna appear completely natural and clear.


Panorama is a feature or mode in Gcam Nikita 2.0 that allows you to take photos in a wide format. You can take landscape photos and capture various wider subjects.


This feature is a superior feature of Gcam port APK is considered extremely advanced. This feature can capture the dark night sky atmosphere. Thus, you can capture pictures of stars and the moon at night.

Consequently, for experience the world of photography on your Android, download gcam apk now to enhance your photography experience and skills.

Gcam Apk
Illustration Of How To Configure Gcam Apk.

Tips and trick to Use Gcam APK Nikita 2.0

In this post, we gonna discussion about the top nine Gcam apk tips and tricks to use it like a pro. please read bellow.

Add shortcuts and for selfie and video camera

For Iphone users, GCam introduced long press function on the app icon to access shortcuts.

In response to Apple’s 3D Touch, Google introduced a long-press function on the app icon to access shortcuts. Google Camera supports that. You can long-press on the icon and quickly jump to selfie or video camera. And even better, one can long-press those toggles and place them on the home screen as shortcuts.

Use Night Mode

Do you know why the enthusiasts run to XDA for GCam port for their new devices? It’s all for Google’s class-leading image processing that delivers superior results with balance exposure, better dynamic range, and night sight.

Back in 2017, Google introduced night sight for Pixel devices. It supports all Pixel devices, and it’s available on most GCam builds.

Turn Off HDR+

Use Quick Social Share

Costumize Gestures

Use Google Lens and Google translate integration

Use Stickers and Play Mojis

Use Wide View Displays

For those of you who don’t know how to use Gcam Apk, please read the explanation below.

Open Gcam APK Nikita 2.0

If the Gcam Nikita 2.0 application is already installed on your phone. Please open the application then start taking pictures or recording using Gcam APK.

Setting Gcam Nikita 2.0

Gcam APK  has many settings that can be adjusted to your liking. Click on the settings menu available, then options will appear; night mode, HDR+, autofocus, lighting, and others.

Take Photos and Record

After finishing setting the mode you want in Gcam APK, you can directly use the application to take photos or record. The way is quite easy, you only need to press the button available on Gcam Nikita 2.0. Oh yes, when taking pictures or videos, you can also adjust the focus, lighting, and other settings manually.

Save and Share

Photos and images taken from Gcam APK can be saved on your phone’s gallery. You can also directly share the results to social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and others.

Main Features of Gcam Nikita 2.0

In addition to the main features explained above, there are several main features of Gcam Mod Apk Nikita 2.0 as follows:


From the camera feature of Gcam Port APK Nikita 2.0, there are several photo effects such as Autofocus, HDR+, RAW, Zoom, Flash, Front Camera, DND, and many others.


Gcam Nikita 2.0 already supports 30FFs, Autofocus, and Video Stabilization. So when recording videos using Gcam Apk, you will get amazing video recording quality.

Photo Sphere

In addition to the camera and video, with Gcam mod Apk you can also take a photo object with a perspective angle of up to 360 degrees.

Lens Blur

Gcam Apk Nikita 2.0  can also display a blur effect on the background object of the photo you take.

Difference between GCam Apk And original camera of android

GCam Apk

Original Camera of Android

GCam has superior image processing algorithms, resulting in photos and videos with better quality. ordinary quality of photos and videos
GCam has features Night Sight mode, which produces higher-detail photos in low-light conditions. has not features night sight mode
GCam also includes Portrait mode, which creates photos with smoother and more natural bokeh effects. no includes potrait mode
GCam can utilize the smartphone’s camera hardware, optimizing performance and photo results. can’t utilize the smartphones camera hardware, cant optimizing performance and photo results

Advantages and disadvantages of GCam APK

Google Camera (Gcam) application is a camera application developed by Google for Android devices. This application is known for its high imagination capabilities and advanced features, such as HDR+, low light enhancement, and portrait mode. Many Android users use this application as an alternative to the built-in camera application installed on their devices. However, like any application, Gcam also has its own advantages and disadvantages compared to the factory default camera application. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the Google Camera (Gcam) application compared to the factory default camera application.



Picture Quality is increase none
Sophisticated Features
Can be downloaded and installed for free

How to Download Gcam APK Nikita v2.0

Installation of Gcam nikita 2.0 is actually very easy, you only need to download gcam and then install it like a regular application. As for installing Config, you simply search for the config file then Export directly through the Gcam APK application.

How to Install Google Camera Application on Android Phones:

First step: Access the gcam download apk site

Prepare an Android phone that you want to pair with Gcam Nikita 2.0. Then go to a trusted site like Remini Mod APK.

Second step, download Gcam APK

Find the GCam Nikita 2.0 file available on Remini Mod APK. Then download Gcam APK.

Third step, install Gcam APK

After downloading gcam, next open the file and select the Install option, wait until the Installation Successful notification appears.

How to Install Config GCam Nikita 2.0:

First, make sure the Gcam APK application is installed.

Next, open the Gcam Nikita 2.0 application then click on the “Settings” menu in the upper right corner.

After that, select the Import Config option and find the config file you want to use, done.

Gcam Apk
Illustration Of The Main Features Of Gcam Apk

Hurry Up and Download Gcam APK Nikita 2.0

Let’s not waste your time to try your talents in the world of photography. Immediately download Gcam APK now. Therefore, the quality of the images and videos are you take can be maximal. Enjoy the satisfaction of the main features of Gcam Nikita 2.0.

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