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Download Blockaway Apk (Ultimate Proxy) v1.12 for Android

Download Blockaway Apk (Ultimate Proxy) v1.12 for Android
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Blockaway is a VPN (Virtual Private Network) application that is quite popular nowadays. This VPN version provides you with the convenience of accessing various sites with premium access inside. Moreover, you can easily install it on Android because this mod version of the Blockaway application is very easy to download through your phone.

Getting to Know Blockaway

Blockaway is an application that allows you to explore all blocked sites in Indonesia. Blockaway Apk (Ultimate Proxy) v1.12 provides easy access to servers outside Indonesia, such as Singapore, the Netherlands, France, America, and others. Blockaway can be installed for free, making it easy for users to use proxies and release them. The Blockaway application can also be used to speed up your internet connection if configured correctly.


Blockaway’s Outstanding Features

Blockaway Proxy has many advantages, making it one of the most popular applications for accessing illegal sites. From the ease of accessing premium servers to helping speed up your internet connection. Here are some of its outstanding features:

Filtering Dangerous Access

Using Blockaway allows you to safely block dangerous sites. Especially when you have important data on your phone, you can prevent it from being compromised by using this apk. Because it’s not uncommon for a site to be hacked with a virus that can steal all the important data on your phone. With this proxy, you can safely surf the internet without worries.

Anonymous Proxy

Blockaway also has an anonymous proxy feature where users can browse various sites by hiding their IP address. So Blockaway Apk helps protect your privacy online.

Unlimited Access

Blockaway is an apk that offers unlimited features for you. So, you can browse various sites without any geographical or other restrictions. If the site you want to access is blocked in your country, you can use this application to access it easily.

Tips and Tricks for Using Blockaway


For those of you who need to access foreign sites or blocked sites, you certainly need to use this application. There are some tips and tricks in using the Blockaway application as follows:

Choose the Nearest Server to Your Country

If you live in Indonesia, then choose the nearest country server to where you live. For example, the Singapore server, you can change your IP address to the Singapore server to access sites that you cannot open. Usually, Blockaway with the Singapore server is faster in accessing uploads and downloads because it is within range of your internet signal.

Use to Access Suspicious Sites

Blockaway can be used to access suspicious sites. So if you want to try accessing a particular site, it’s safer to use this application so that your data is not tracked. First, switch to an external server and try to open the site you want to visit.

Use Blockaway to Download Content

Sometimes when you download or download applications or other content from the internet, it’s inevitable that your device will be attacked by viruses. To prevent this, use Blockaway so that you can download something from untrusted sites to stay safe from malware attacks.

Features of the Blockaway Version


Blockaway Ultimate Proxy v1.12 is a mod version that provides full access for users. In Remini Mod, you can use this Blockaway proxy application with VIP features for free, such as ad-free, unlock all servers, and more.

All Servers Available

Using the Blockaway ultimate proxy application v1.12 can provide access to all servers for you. Unlike the original version, you can try all VIP servers for free if you download this version of the application. So, users can choose the most comfortable and fastest server according to their needs.

No Ads

The most common complaint from users when using the original version of Blockaway is the very annoying ad feature. Even when just connecting, ads pop up from Google or third parties. When using the mod version, you will no longer see ads in this application.

Unlimited Time and Network

Using Blockaway Ultimate Proxy v1.12, you don’t have to worry about time and network restrictions. You can access this application even all day without any obstacles. There are no time usage restrictions, and you can download smoothly up to tens of GB.

Differences Between Blockaway Apk and Original Blockaway Version

Original Version Blockaway Mod Version
Contains ads Ad-free
Limited servers Access to all VIP servers
Has usage time limit No usage time limit
Slow internet Faster connection

How to Download Blockaway Apk (Ultimate Proxy) v1.12?

For those of you who are curious about Blockaway Ultimate Proxy v1.12, you can download this application for free and quickly through the Remini Mod site. Here are the steps to download on Remini Mod:

Step 1: Open the Remini Mod Apk Site

First, you need to access the Remini Mod Apk site to find the Blockaway Proxy application. Try using your phone to access it easily and find the download button.

Step 2: Click the Download Button

After finding the download button for the Blockaway apk application, you can press the download button to start the download process. Wait a few minutes until the download process is complete.

Step 3: Allow Installation from Unknown Sources

Next, you need to change the permission from your android phone to unknown sources. The way to do this is to open settings, permissions and access, then allow installation of applications from unknown sources.

Step 4: Install Until Finished

Finally, you can proceed with the installation process of the Blockaway apk to enjoy this application. Enter the application after the installation process is complete and run the application.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Blockaway Apk (Ultimate Proxy) v1.12

Advantages Disadvantages
Ad-free Manual updates
Access to all VIP servers
No time limit
Fast connection up to 10Mbps

Download Now Blockaway Apk (Ultimate Proxy) v1.12

Blockaway proxy is an application that is very suitable for those of you who want to browse sites to stay safe and avoid unwanted things. Blockaway apk version v1.12 has complete service features and can allow you to access all VIP servers for free. In addition, Blockaway v1.12 can be accessed 24 hours non-stop and ad-free. For those of you who want to try downloading this application, you can immediately visit Remini Mod APK.

Download Blockaway Apk (Ultimate Proxy) v1.12 for Android

Download Blockaway Ultimate Proxy MOD APK

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