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Create Your Own Free Ai Avatar. Working Method!

Create Your Own Free Ai Avatar. Working Method!

Remini is a photo-enhancing app that uses AI to improve the quality of low-resolution images. It can be used to enhance the quality of pictures of people, including generating an AI-generated avatar of a person. To use Remini to generate an AI avatar, you would need to follow these steps:

To create an AI Avatar using the Remini app:

  1. First, download the Remini app Original Version from our website.
  2. Once the app is downloaded, open it, and wait for the introduction to appear.
  3. Click on “Get started” and select “Create AI avatar” from the options provided.
  4. Follow the prompts and click “next” twice.
  5. Close the in-app purchase option that appears.
  6. Click “I’ll do it later”
  7. Click “Try now” on the AI avatar pop-up that appears.
  8. To select a photo to use for your avatar, click “Select photos” and choose one from your camera roll or photo library.
  9. Wait for the photo to finish uploading. Once the upload is complete, select your gender and click “Generate AI avatar.”
  10. A pop-up with a payment option will appear, select the best pricing option for you.
  11. After Payment is done, You will see your Avatar, Download it.

After you get your avatar, just to add perfection use Lightroom mod apk or any color correction app to enhance or boost colors.

It’s important to note that this process may vary based on the version of the app and device you’re using, and additional payment may be required depending on the specific features and pricing of the app.


To use the Remini app for free, the following method can be used:

  1. Download and install a cloning app, such as “Clone App
  2. Add the Remini app to the cloning app
  3. Turn off your device’s internet connection
  4. Open the cloned Remini app
  5. When prompted with a message about the internet connection not working, click “OK” or “Skip”
  6. Continue using the cloned app as usual and the AI avatar feature should be available without requiring payment.

We suggest fair practices and support them. If this is just for knowledge purposes try but use by paying the app is the best practice.

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